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Direct Line: Pedigree chart William Robert Andrew Daniel Clayton

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This page explains the Stafford Research Project and the basic arrangement of the website.

The Stafford family website is a working research document.  Its content changes on a daily basis because the author continues to research and gather more documentation.  Please check back often and use the Update Log which is provided to help you find recent additions to the website.  




This primary focus for the research conducted for this project started with Robert Stafford as Generation 1 and follows the line down the generations from 1 to 4 ending with Clayton Alonzo Stafford.  I have established that William Stafford was the father of Robert Stafford; therefore, the website / direct line starts with William even  though research for his generation is incomplete.  In order to thoroughly research a family, it is necessary to consider the family as a whole and to gather information about the lateral lines.  Consequently, I gathered a substantial amount of information and it is  only useful if it is shared with others, who have an interest in this subject.  I decided the best way to share the information with people was to construct a working / active research website that contains the information and documentation which is central to my research on the Stafford family.  I hope you will find it interesting and helpful.  If you need assistance finding information please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist as I can.


The information presented in this entire website is copyrighted.  You may use the information on these web pages for your personal research, but it may not be copied and used for any other purposes including posting to other websites without permission.  Use may be granted with written permission by the author.

Formatting and General Notes

The pages for the direct line ancestors for Clayton Stafford (including Daniel, Andrew, Robert and William) are formatted with the same background color.  The color scheme is shown in the table below.  To help the reader stay oriented the author has chosen to use the background color to represent the lines descending from William.  Each of William's children's pages will have a different background color.  All of the pages descending from theses lines will have the same background color.  As you move through the generations the background colors for the pages will tell you which of William's children was the parent line for the person you are studying. 

The following color scheme is used for the lines descending from William and his children.  Remember to use this chart to determine from which William's children the person you are studying descends.


Line designation

Color of page background

William (direct line for Clayton)








Robert (direct line for Clayton)


Mary - did not marry - line ends*


Rachel - married Wright - line ends*



*Note 1:  All lines end with the last female whose maiden name is Stafford.  Once the female marries the line begins under her husband's surname.  All female lines will have the pastel color pink to designate the end of the line.


Note 2:  There is evidence that Robert Stafford's father was William Stafford of Guilford County, North Carolina, but I have not done much research yet on this generation.  The evidence I do have about William is present primarily to support the conclusions about subsequent generations.


References and citations:

Facts are documented with a red superscripted numeral.  The red superscript refers to the list of citations on each web page.  The numbers start over for each page.


I would like to thank the many people and repositories that have answered my questions, donated pictures, family group sheets and other information that has made it possible for me to research this family.  I will only name one as there are so many that have contributed information that I might forget someone.  The one special person I will name is my dear friend, Marcy Volny, who descends from Robert Stafford.  I met her after I started researching this line and in the process of the research and our correspondence over the last five years we have become very good friends!!  Thanks a bunch Marcy--






Direct Line - 5 Generations of Staffords 


The lineage that I have researched in detail is listed after William below:


Pedigree Chart showing 5 generations - this chart shows the primary direct line that this research is focused around.  In addition to this 5 generation line some research has been done on the lateral lines to support the research around the direct line.


List of Documents providing evidence for Stafford researchers




Contact Information

If you have information about these families and would like to correspond please feel 

free to email me at or by writing to me at the following address:


Sharlene Miller

20788 Orchard Lane

St. Joseph, Missouri 64505





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