Hintz Families and their Associates
Webmaster and author: Sharlene K. Miller, CG

My Hintz Family History:

This website is in memory of my maternal grandmother, Louise Albertina Wilhelmina Hintz.  She is my link to the Hinze or Hintz family.  Louise A. Hintz was born in Saline County, Nebraska near the town of Western.  The date of her birth was 26 December 1905.  She was the daughter of William Frederick Hintz and Hedwig "Hattie" Anna Augusta Korht. 

The Hintz family did not always spell their surname as it is commonly spelled today.  The old records show that our immigrant ancestor spelled the surname, Hinze. This surname seems to be quite common in the old Pommern records.  My Hintz / Hinze ancestors were from the area that is now Northeastern Germany and western Poland. 

My Hintz family like many other families of German descent changed the spelling of their name after arriving in America.  The  immigrant ancestor for this Hintz / Hinze line was Johann Gottleib Hinze.  He came to America from a region called Doelitz, Pommern, which was part of the Kingdom of Prussia, when Johann G. Hintz left his homeland and traveled to America sometime after 1841 and 1870.  The purpose of this website is to share genealogical information about the Hintz family and their associates. 

Associates of the Hintz family:

The Hintz family was a large family and most of the children grew to adulthood and married. There are many other surnames connecting to this Hintz family and while researching them, I have accumulated information that may be of help to others researching allied families. This information will also be posted to this website as time permits. 

Others researching the Hintz family and their Associates

As I gather more documents about his life I plan to post them to this website to share and stimulate further research and discussion about this family.  If you would like to be listed on this website as a researcher please let me know and I will add your name below.