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Rippe Family Farm

Rippe Family History

Author: Sharlene K. Miller, CG

Rippe Ancestors

My Rippe ancestry is from my mother's paternal line. She and her sister were the last children from her direct line to carry the Rippe surname. This particular Rippe line consists four generations of Rippes, who lived in America. All spent at least part of their life in Fillmore County, Nebraska. The immigrant ancestor for this Rippe line was Georg Rippe, who came to America sometime before 1857.  The first record found for him in the U.S. documents that he purchased land in Will County, Illinois.  Georg's children (generation 2) eventually left Will County, Illinois and migrated west in search of land.  Son, Ernst, homesteaded in Fillmore County, Nebraska.  Eventually, Henry Rippe, Sr., a brother to Ernst also moved his family to Fillmore County, Nebraska.  For more information about Henry, Sr. and his family please see Generations.

My grandfather, Henry Edward Rippe, Jr. (generation 3) lived his entire life in Fillmore County.  He married Louise Albertine Wilhelmine Hintz and they were the parents of my mother and aunt (generation 4).

The purpose of this website is to share information about this family and to connect with others who have an interest in the Rippe families connected to this line.  It is to be a site for sharing information with one another.

If you have any information, stories, photos, documents or other items pertaining to this family and would like to share them with others, please contact me.