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Author: Sharlene K. Miller, CG

Sieckmann Ancestors

I was born a Sieckmann. This line is my father's line. This surname, while not extremely rare, is also one that is not extremely common either. My Sieckmann ancestors came from what is now northwestern Germany in an area that used to be the principality of Schaumburg-Lippe. This surname was spelled Siekmann, until the family migrated to America and the spelling was changed to a more American spelling "Sieckmann or Sieckman."  Starting with our immigrant ancestor and counting the generations down from him, I am in the 5th generation of American Sieckmanns who descend from his line. Our immigrant ancestor was Wilhelm Siekmann [See picture to right].

He was my 2nd great -grandfather. The reason he and his family emigrated to America is not known, but most certainly they hoped for a better life than the one they were leaving. At the time of their emigration the family that consisted of his wife, Minnie, and their five children. They left their home in the village of Rolfshagen [shown in the banner photo above] in May of 1870. They probably traveled north to Bremen to board a ship which took them across the Atlantic Ocean. The 1870 census documents that some of the family resided with Wilhelm's older sister and her family in Monee, Will County, Illinois.

My interest in genealogy began with my Sieckmann line. I have been fortunate to have lots of help from others, who were more experienced than I was. They have taught me a lot. I would like to thank the people who have helped me the most with researching this line: Delores Lowe, her daughter, Karen Rowe and Angelika Schierhölter, who lives in Schaumburg, Germany. If I had not had help from these three people, I doubt that my genealogy would have progressed as it has.


Wilhelm Siekmann

Wilhelm Siekmann (1830-1894)

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